VEDA is an R&D company from Skopje, North Macedonia. The company exists for 31 years and is consisted of a team of engineers with over 40 years of expertise in mechanical engineering with special focus on innovations that improve the efficiency of existing technologies.

  • Solid fire extinguishing methods
  • Non-toxic substance for fire extingushing
  • Thermoplastic composite materials for different applications
  • New materials for insulation with heat resistance of over 3000 C etc.
  • Energy production from renewable resources etc.

VEDA has a small diverse team of employees and of them have been with the company since its beginnings. However, due to its commitment to excellence, innovation and state of art technology, VEDA cooperates with an external expert team consisted of experienced mechanical, chemical and electronic engineers.

Since its beginning, VEDA’s vision was production of special processing equipment and products that would meet market demands in particular fields, but at the same time provide solution to some of the most current issues, such as environmental protection. This is why most of its innovative thinking is applied in solutions which take fully into account the environmental protection as an urgent matter in any scientific field.