Automated fire elimination system at the earliest moment of its occurrence by eliminating the causes for the occurrence of fire

1. Types of devices intended to use with this application:

1.1. Protection of premises where people resides- apartments or individual buildings  (houses):

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Hallways and auxiliary rooms
  • Basement

1.2. Protection of all units where fire can occur:

  • Power cabinet and installations
  • Air conditioning chambers
  • Heat pumps
  • Auxiliary aggregates
  • Individual heating system with a fuel (gas, liquid or solid fuels)

1.3.  Protection of roof construction

1.4.  Prefabricated dismantling systems for protection of fireplaces and chimneys

1.5.  Alarm system for alert inside the building, close surroundings and fire protection center

1.6.  Additional range of products and accessories


  • For indoor installment of extinguishing devices, no major interventions or setting of new installations (digging ducts) are required
  • The communication between the extinguishing system and the fire detection system is accomplished through a wireless system
  • The protected area is covered with a rapid fire detection system using sensors that cover the UV or IR spectrum, gas sensors that respond to an increase in CO levels or a differential gas disturbance analysis system
  • The fire detection system is capable of starting an intense acoustic and light alarm inside and outside the facility to give people sufficient time to evacuate the facility (15 or 30 seconds before the extinguishing system is activated), forward information to the nearest fire department and at the same time alert the owners of the situation happened, if they are out of the facility

Properties of the extinguishing substance

  • Extinguishing substance fully meets the latest standards for the Aerosol Fire Extinguishing System, especially in the section of Toxicity tests
  • The extinguishing substance largely compensates for the lost amount of oxygen from the burning process in the facility by allowing the substance itself to add an additional amount of oxygen
  • The presence of toxic substances in the combustion gases is eliminated; carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides or some other toxic substances
  • The extinguishing system can be installed in the interior without disrupting the functionality of the space or outside the facility by providing only the gas inlet opening for the extinguishing gas