Li-Ion cell Protection Program (primary protection)

VEDA has developed the first direct fire suppression solution that can be incorporated within the Li-ion pouch battery or cylindrical one, isolating each cell and each battery module in one power source. VEDA’s solution is consisted of innovative insulation substance produced in the form of a thin and light thermal barrier, placed between each pouch cell and cylindrical cell. In case of a mechanical damage, overcharge or shortcut after which Thermal Runaway is initiated, VEDA’s thermal barrier completely isolates the affected cell and prevents the fire from spreading to the other battery cells, as it usually happens

Secondary battery pack system protection

The secondary aerosol fire extinguishing system acts immediately to suppress the occurred fire, while not affecting the rest of the equipment in any kind.

VEDA’s reliable and efficient battery fire suppression solution will protect the lives and personnel in all fields of work.

Taking into consideration that the existing electrical power storage systems come with high fire risk, VEDA’s unique and efficient two step fire suppression system will be the best fire safety.


The diagram shows two temperature readings of the thermocouples.

The first thermocouple is placed directly on the Li-Ion battery cell and the second thermocouple is placed directly on the Thermal barrier surface during a nail penetration test of the battery cell. The black line in the diagram represents the temperature measured directly on the battery, and the red line represents the temperature on the surface of VEDA’s thermal barrier.

The diagram clearly shows that the temperature transfer is significantly reduced, thus the heat spread to the other battery cells that form a stack in the module will be stopped with a goal to avoid a thermal runaway occurrence.